Finals week rebirth

The time is 4.50 am and outside the morning birds have taken cover from the creakling rain that started coming down in a gentle staccato. I sat on the same, back breaking blue chair for the past 12 hours and have eaten two and half french fries dipped in a too-sweet, too-salty kind of barbeque sauce; since I woke up too late for lunch. I was also simply too lazy to get my ass to dinner, the library is a good 5 minute walk away from anywhere serving free food. Finals week is here and adderall is running strong inside me. Towers and Spires was originally concocted as a way to spend time constructively instead of doing drugs and spending too many dollar bills at the vending machine. Well, as our single digit audience can tell, we haven’t been very diligent in delivering material—I know y’all are very disappointed. But, with all the inevitable time we will spend not doing work, maybe we can bring this back. If not, whatever. Yolo.

Thanks to my brother and his friends who click on our blog thinking it has something to do with Clash of Clans.



A feel good feel soothed playlist to end 2013 with a light heart


The Pastels > ‘Illuminum Song’:

No Doubt    > ‘Settle down- Baauer remix’:

Banks    > ‘Warm Water- Snakehips remix’:

Flume    > ‘The Greatest View’:

Beach House > ‘Norway’:

Arcade Fire   > ‘We Exist- Night Drive edit’:



My dream lion, unseen since I was nine, lives still in the terrifying dark of my bedroom on Freemont Street, slathering rancid breath, teeth poised over my belly. He emerged on a school night from the dark after a sermon on Daniel in the Lion’s Den and a Missionary Convention slide show- the white man ministering in the Belgian Congo showed the remains of three children and a witch doctor gutted and gnawed into the meat they were. It had been a she lion of course, but mine was the King of Beasts, mane ruffling inexplicably in the deadly silence of my room. Jesus, in the wings, scarred and gleaming, instructing the faithful on the prize of the afterlife, “They’re only teeth,” he said. 200,000 years of straining to transform our mud huts into skyscrapers, and yet the jungle still pulses, tooth on bone.

About a guy who’s generally insecure

He smiled when he spoke. And what he said was believable—one could very well reason it to be true. In fact, he was prepared to sit down and argue its validity. It would start with a candid opening phrase and it would be followed by structured points and poignant rhetorical questions and even the occasional childhood anecdote. But as he finished he found it impossible to really submit to his own truth. Something similar was true when he would look through a window at the top of a sky-scraper. He knew he was not in danger. But when he would look down at the street from the dizzying height, he was afraid.



Late night playlist: for those moods, everybody gets them



Jaël – LoveLude & Floatin’:

Jeremih – Fuck U All The Time (Shlohmo Remix):


Kartell-it’s you:


Esta- No One But U(I Get Lonely) (Birthday Exclusive) :

The Weeknd – Loft Music:

Jaël – MIB [Clip]: